I Celebrate

Still in the spirit of celebration. Yesterday was my birthday and I did’t get to post this.
I’m celebrating because I am plus one and I’m very greatful for my life. Sometimes we take being alife for granted and we don’t see it as a big testimony when someone comes up in Church during testimony time and says ‘I want to thank God for keeping me and my family alife’ and  hands over the microphone. People usually don’t clap much. They are like ‘is that all’?   Continue reading



Hellooo people. Hope you enjoyed your Easter Holidays. I did enjoy mine. It was fun all the way. And I hope you went to Church. I did go and I learnt a few things I’d love to share (Matthew 28:1-7):

  • The stone, plus the king’s seal did’t stop God. Nothing can stop my (your) destiny. Continue reading

My Valentine’s Day

I think that everyday should be a valentine’s day. A day to express your love to your spouse, lover, family, neigbours and all. Perhaps the day was set aside not just to remember the man Valentine but to remind us to always show love and care to others. Unfortunately, a lot of people limit this show of love to their lovers. And some would even have sex with a stranger in the name of celebrating valentine. Continue reading


Wow …  I’m excited!  Well I was just thinking on how best to start my first blog abi na post dem dey call am? I think  it will be proper for me to start with a welcome post. So I am saying a big WELCOME to you and I want to do a little introduction of what this is all about.

So please I’m going to try to be brief because I know most people don’t like reading a looong episode. Lol. Continue reading