Why marriages fail


My people, how una dey? I know it’s been a while. I have been occupied with some family things – it isn’t easy. *smiles. I am talking about why marriages fail. Please be free to add your opinion. I don’t think anyone gets married with the mind to divorce when they get uncomfortable. But there are things we do or don’t do that will determine where we are headed. Read my points below:

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Gender Equality Bill ?

When I read about the position of the senate on the gender equality opportunity bill, and some reactions both online and offline, I had a deep thought on the issue and asked myself why in the first place would women demand for male / female equality if things were done right and rights and privileges of people were respected. Continue reading

My Bride Price

I was listening to a Radio program few weeks back and the discussion was about payment of bride price . The argument was since ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’, and the global gender equality awareness, should a man still pay bride price to marry a wife? And I was like what! You mean a guy should just go and carry someone’s daughter for free? Like “I see am, I like am, I carry go” . No way! Aahh! Oti oo.  Continue reading


You must have read the story of a street bread seller turned model. What makes it funny is that she wasn’t selling UTC bread in one supermarket but ordinary ‘Agege bread’ on the street and she care-freely, strategically, and divinely, hawked her way into fame.  I like this type of miracle. In case you do not know, ‘Agege bread’ is a locally made type of bread and I think the cheapest bread in Lagos. She was innocently hawking this bread on the streets of Lagos when her miracle came. Some will say it is luck but I choose to say it’s a miracle. Continue reading

Never say Never

I was in the Church on a Sunday few years back and my then Pastor announced the topic of his message – “Never Say Never”. When he was done, I felt like he was talking to me directly. I used to be like, me, never. Then I realized that human beings can change. Some of the things I said ‘never’ to, I had already adjusted to. Me too have changed even though am not ‘APC’, lol. Continue reading


Ok, my good people, this is my first post after the welcome and for a start, let’s talk about greed.

I was just thinking about recent happenings and the word greed keeps popping up. I think that most of the problems around us today have something to do with greed. It can be anywhere, in the family, even in our beloved Naija for instance, the ‘national cake’ which should serve every individual citizen of this great nation is in the hands of a few. Greed! Continue reading