Amaghimo …

Imagine you are asked to count your blessings and all the goodness of God in your life in one minute. Where will you start from? …. ‘amaghimo’ will most likely be your answer. For me, I really don’t know where to start from. I remember as a child, I fell into a deep well full of water and while people around were trying to rescue me without success, in the mist of the confusion, suddenly an angel came from no where, took me out and quietly walked away. Or times when He protected me on busy express roads as a child and it all ended with ‘nearrrrrly’ and shock on faces of passers-by and road side sellers like the one that happened at CMS bus-stop one evening, then at about 8 or 10 years old, on that buzy express, didn’t see a car coming until I was right in the middle of the ever busy express then suddenly … am still alife.

There are blessings too. Like when I thought I would drop out of school because I couldn’t pay my fees and then today, when I look back, it’s all in the past. He made a way! Or the times that I had to change jobs, … family issues and breakthroughs.

Now I ask you, where will you start from thanking God in your career, family, for safety, provisions, protections, deliverance, your talent? Take a deep breath and you’ll agree with the girls in DCC … amaghimo. Come and let’s worship Him together.


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