Run! Run!! Run!!!

Hello good people! It’s been a while and many things have happened. I deliberately did not want to talk about ‘Edible Catering’ perhaps because I felt sorry for them in a way and I also thought it should not be in the news in the first place. So, am here today to talk about domestic violence against women and how women out of stupidity as I choose to call it, contribute to their death.

I know about some of our African culture as it applies to women, how as a woman you have to be submissive and how you are practically a slave to your husband.  And how family members expect you to make your marriage work no matter what, surprisingly though, they don’t give similar advice to husbands and where they do, they do it smiling.  Also, I know how some preachers will teach ‘till death do us path’, to mean that you should remain there and keep praying and have faith that God will change the man one day. Hmmm. If you notice that the more you pray, the more his muscles increase, my sister please run for your dear life. Some women use the children as excuse for not leaving. But think about it, when you die (God forbid) who looks after the children? Woman, be wise! While your husband is ‘normal’ it is very okay to build your home but when he becomes ‘insane’ (permit my choice of language o but how best do you describe a man who hits his pregnant wife?) and starts punching you at every provocation, it’s time to ‘Ben John..’ .

Still in the news is a heart breaking story of late Ronke Shonde who was allegedly beaten to death by her own husband Lekan and we hear he’ll be tried for murder. There was the case of the late banker, Titilayo who was also murdered by her husband and many others. It baffles me though that there are still women who are going through similar situations yet they stay put. If you must pray for him to change, which is okay please do so from afar to avoid stories that touch.  I beg you my sister, don’t be the next victim. You are a beautiful, hardworking, talented woman. Your children, family, friends, Nigeria and the world need you. Don’t waste your life and don’t give anyone a chance to waste you.

Stay Blessed!

Stay Alife!


2 thoughts on “Run! Run!! Run!!!

    • My sister I am glad you found time to comment on my blog. Hope baby is doing great. ‘Edible Catering’ was used by Tiwa’s husband to save his supposed mistress number to avoid suspicion. You can Google it or read Tiwa Salvage interview after the husband tried to commit suicide for the full story. Thanks for your comment.


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