I Celebrate

Still in the spirit of celebration. Yesterday was my birthday and I did’t get to post this.
I’m celebrating because I am plus one and I’m very greatful for my life. Sometimes we take being alife for granted and we don’t see it as a big testimony when someone comes up in Church during testimony time and says ‘I want to thank God for keeping me and my family alife’ and  hands over the microphone. People usually don’t clap much. They are like ‘is that all’?  You have to be greatful for life especially when you live in a country where security is not taken very seriously. Someone said when you want to cross the road in Naija, you have to look right, left, up, down, right and left again before crossing. Lol!

I am healthy and strong. A visit to a general hospital will shock you. When you see people with different kinds of dangerous diseases or cases without medical explanation. Your life will never remain the same. I pray healing and divine intervention for people in the hospitals today in Jesus Name. Amen!

I am younger too *winks. The fact is people don’t belief my age. To that too I am thankful. There are people who look older than their age. We didn’t create ourselves. It’s the Lord’s doing.

I am growing by the day. Increasing in knowledge of God and life.

I bless God for some other personal issues. I am greatful not because I have it all. Far from it. No one actually has it all.

I celebrate because I have hope. Life would be miserable without hope of a better tomorrow. Try to imagine your life without hope. I have hope that: all things are turning around for me. It’s my turn! …

What are you hoping for? Never give up on God and on yourself. It will surely come.

Please celebrate my birthday with me by dropping a comment. Also follow my blog for updates.


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