Hellooo people. Hope you enjoyed your Easter Holidays. I did enjoy mine. It was fun all the way. And I hope you went to Church. I did go and I learnt a few things I’d love to share (Matthew 28:1-7):

  • The stone, plus the king’s seal did’t stop God. Nothing can stop my (your) destiny.
  • The women were worrying not knowing the stone had been rolled away. Christians worry when we shouldn’t because Christ has taken care of ALL our problems.
  • The stone was rolled away not really because of Jesus but because of the women, so they could really see and go tell others.
  • The angel after rolling the stone, sat on it as if to say, I dare you devil to come close (if them born you well, cross the line. lol).


Friends Jesus is no more in the grave. Go Live the Victorious Life! Halleluyah!!

You are invited to When Women Pray – this Sunday:

Make sure to come. And be blessed. #LoveLoveLove



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