My Bride Price

I was listening to a Radio program few weeks back and the discussion was about payment of bride price . The argument was since ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’, and the global gender equality awareness, should a man still pay bride price to marry a wife? And I was like what! You mean a guy should just go and carry someone’s daughter for free? Like “I see am, I like am, I carry go” . No way! Aahh! Oti oo.  I think the debate should be on how much should a suitor pay and not if he should pay. Also, bride price I think includes other material items not just money. This practice vary all around the world according to different traditions and customs. Gender equality call is a different issue entirely. It’s about how women including girls are treated generally in the soceity whether bride price is paid or not.

Having said that, my opinion is yes, bride price should be paid. In fact where I come from, it is our tradition for a suitor to pay bride price. It is when this is done that one is considered married.

In your opinion, do you think bride price should be paid?

Please send your comments. I really would love to hear from you. *smiles*


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