Hellooo people. Hope you enjoyed your Easter Holidays. I did enjoy mine. It was fun all the way. And I hope you went to Church. I did go and I learnt a few things I’d love to share (Matthew 28:1-7):

  • The stone, plus the king’s seal did’t stop God. Nothing can stop my (your) destiny. Continue reading

My Bride Price

I was listening to a Radio program few weeks back and the discussion was about payment of bride price . The argument was since ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’, and the global gender equality awareness, should a man still pay bride price to marry a wife? And I was like what! You mean a guy should just go and carry someone’s daughter for free? Like “I see am, I like am, I carry go” . No way! Aahh! Oti oo.  Continue reading