You must have read the story of a street bread seller turned model. What makes it funny is that she wasn’t selling UTC bread in one supermarket but ordinary ‘Agege bread’ on the street and she care-freely, strategically, and divinely, hawked her way into fame.  I like this type of miracle. In case you do not know, ‘Agege bread’ is a locally made type of bread and I think the cheapest bread in Lagos. She was innocently hawking this bread on the streets of Lagos when her miracle came. Some will say it is luck but I choose to say it’s a miracle.

Olajumoke Orisaguna cannot even speak English language. At 27, she is already married with two kids, came all the way from Osun State just to hawk Agege bread in Lagos. A pretty young woman but no help until God used TY Bello to find her. The story is very touching and her miracle very interesting. Today a bread seller has gained international audience, featured on THISDAY Style, CNN, and other platforms not to mention that one construction company has taken responsibility of her and her family until she can fully stand on her feet – true to her name ‘Olajumoke’.   That is what God can do, the JEHOVAH OVERDO. He does unthinkable miracles at His own time, in His own way. He chooses whom and when to bless.

Some women in Jumoke’s position would have abandoned the marriage because of hardship or gone into prostitution as an easy way out. Instead she resolved to finding a way out by moving in search of greener pastures. And she was found.

Lessons from Olajumoke:

#Don’t look down on anyone

#Don’t give up

#Hold Tight

#God is not asleep

#He cannot abandon you

#He knows your story

#He will find you

#Your tomorrow will surely come
#Keep your hands busy

#Be focused!

Who knows, He may find you sooner than you think like He found her.


Photo Credit:   TY Bello and  THISDAY Style (copied online) 


3 thoughts on “Olajumoke

  1. Yes ooo,
    Keep moving and keep believing in yourself,
    Don’t conclude yourself yet for God has a plan to include you,
    The story reminds me of a shepherd boy turn a giant killer
    and king, Even when his own father never counted him as qualified for the position,
    “From Zero to Hero”


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