My Valentine’s Day

I think that everyday should be a valentine’s day. A day to express your love to your spouse, lover, family, neigbours and all. Perhaps the day was set aside not just to remember the man Valentine but to remind us to always show love and care to others. Unfortunately, a lot of people limit this show of love to their lovers. And some would even have sex with a stranger in the name of celebrating valentine.

This post is about how I spent my val’s day. So, straight to point. It was a Sunday, we went to Church, the Church encourages couples to celebrate their love. Before that day, married men were asked to submit a picture of their wives with a short love message and they did, it was supposed to be a surprise to the wives. The Men department (I think) did a long banner with those pictures and messages below them. It was a beautiful sight walking into the church premises and observing the beautiful banner carefully placed by the fence. Wow! It’s awesome. My eyes scanned through in seconds searching to see my own picture but I did not. Oooh!   But then I realised that they can’t possibly put up all the pictures on that banner. So that explains it.

After the service, I was very busy in the kitchen preparing meal for the day. I made  fried rice for lunch. It was yummy! Then we had a guest. A long time friend who was visiting us for the first time since we moved. We heard a nice time eating, drinking and talking. Eventually, we couldn’t go out so we relaxed at home for the rest of the evening. I also made sure of blessing someone that day. That was my val’s day.

How did you spend your valentine? Please share with us.


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