Never say Never

I was in the Church on a Sunday few years back and my then Pastor announced the topic of his message – “Never Say Never”. When he was done, I felt like he was talking to me directly. I used to be like, me, never. Then I realized that human beings can change. Some of the things I said ‘never’ to, I had already adjusted to. Me too have changed even though am not ‘APC’, lol.

Change is bound to happen, sometimes even before you realize it. Because CHANGE they say is permanent. People change for any reason even without a reason.  Environment change so why people no go change. People can change their policies, aspirations, desires and values. Times and seasons too change. People change also with age. As we grow older, we just realize that some things don’t just worth the time. We focus more on other important issues.

In this 2016, don’t be scared of change and don’t be afraid to change yourself, thinking what people will say. Because in this life, na only you waka come. Everyone has their lives to live so live yours to the fullest. Start paying more attention to things that improve your life.  Things that will bring you more money and develop you. That is what I call positive change. Don’t say I can never do this or that because you are not God. Some even say ‘over my dead body’ hmmm that one carry weight o. Only the ALMIGHTY can say NEVER and it stands. We are just human and are affected by seasons and times.

Hope you enjoyed my thought for today. Have you said NEVER before and later you ‘come port’ like me? Let’s hear you. Please send in your comments.




2 thoughts on “Never say Never

  1. we should not be scared of change no matter how uneasy the change may seem. the change itself is not what matters. what we are able to make changes is more important. people are so afraid of trying new things and we keep wondering why things won’t be better of. it’s not magic – causality applies in all aspect of life. ALL IT TAKES IS THAT LEAP OF FAITH.
    I nice article.


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