Today I feel like encouraging somebody and myself too because … hmmm,  I need am too.  So much is happening around us by the day. Too many challenges at all sides. What do we do people? Encourage yourself and move on. Do not give up.  I repeat, do not give up to pressures no matter what. I know and I truly understand the situation. Salaries have not been paid, business is dull, your spouse is frustrating you, your children are not cooperating, you have no job,  you have no partner, rent problems, don’t know where the next meal will come from, dollar rate is affecting your business, economy and all, the list is endless.

In all of this, encourage yourself and say ‘it is well’. My co-worker always says that so I learnt to always say it too, ‘it is well’. In the mist of hunger, terrorism, uncertainty and fear, it is well.

Let me tell you a short story about a leader. While he and his men were on a war, the enemy invaded his land and burnt down the whole city. They did not stop there. They took their wives, sons and daughters away. These warriors returned to an empty land. They were now homeless, wifeless and childless. They were completely empty and depressed. To make the matter worse, the rest of the people were angry at their leader and wanted to stone him to death as if he sent the invaders. Mind you the man himself was not spared because his two wives were taken too.  Pause and visualize the scenario and what that man was going through at that moment of grieve. But he decided not to give up. He encouraged himself and then an idea came to him, he carried it out and was able to recover everything they lost. Not just him, including those who thought of stoning him. They recovered their wives and children. That man is David. You can read the full story here (I Samuel 30). I noticed that the idea to pray and to go after the people came when he encouraged himself not before.

While he was depressed, he was empty and lost but he picked up courage and idea came. Nothing positive happens when we are depressed instead it gets worse. Don’t wait for somebody to encourage you before you get up. You may wait forever because everybody get where e dey pain dem.  I encourage you today to hold on there, don’t give up yet, move forward and look up. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Hold Tight


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