Today I feel like encouraging somebody and myself too because … hmmm,  I need am too.  So much is happening around us by the day. Too many challenges at all sides. What do we do people? Encourage yourself and move on. Do not give up.  I repeat, do not give up to pressures no matter what. I know and I truly understand the situation. Salaries have not been paid, business is dull, your spouse is frustrating you, your children are not cooperating, you have no job,  you have no partner, rent problems, don’t know where the next meal will come from, dollar rate is affecting your business, economy and all, the list is endless.

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Ok, my good people, this is my first post after the welcome and for a start, let’s talk about greed.

I was just thinking about recent happenings and the word greed keeps popping up. I think that most of the problems around us today have something to do with greed. It can be anywhere, in the family, even in our beloved Naija for instance, the ‘national cake’ which should serve every individual citizen of this great nation is in the hands of a few. Greed! Continue reading