Why marriages fail


My people, how una dey? I know it’s been a while. I have been occupied with some family things – it isn’t easy. *smiles. I am talking about why marriages fail. Please be free to add your opinion. I don’t think anyone gets married with the mind to divorce when they get uncomfortable. But there are things we do or don’t do that will determine where we are headed. Read my points below:

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Run! Run!! Run!!!

Hello good people! It’s been a while and many things have happened. I deliberately did not want to talk about ‘Edible Catering’ perhaps because I felt sorry for them in a way and I also thought it should not be in the news in the first place. So, am here today to talk about domestic violence against women and how women out of stupidity as I choose to call it, contribute to their death. Continue reading

I Celebrate

Still in the spirit of celebration. Yesterday was my birthday and I did’t get to post this.
I’m celebrating because I am plus one and I’m very greatful for my life. Sometimes we take being alife for granted and we don’t see it as a big testimony when someone comes up in Church during testimony time and says ‘I want to thank God for keeping me and my family alife’ and  hands over the microphone. People usually don’t clap much. They are like ‘is that all’?   Continue reading